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At Bonza Landscaping and Hardscaping, our services are based upon the following: details, quality and workmanship. We figuratively put ourselves in your position ensuring you are receiving a product that meets the same high level of standards and expectations we have for our own properties.

Our style is based upon simplicity and richness; our landscape projects offer a real connection with the outdoors. Our customers appreciate our dedication and desire to make their property look its best.

Whether you are looking for traditional landscape maintenance services, tasteful and natural landscape plantings offering season-long interest or a uniquely bold patio – outdoor kitchen or patio entertaining area, contact Bonza Landscaping. Perhaps you prefer a tranquil environment with a disappearing waterfall or a trickling riverbed with boulder- accents and outdoor lighting effects to bring the mountain-effect into your outdoor living area!

Regardless of your style, Bonza Landscaping and Hardscaping is here to make your property the retreat you’ve always wanted.

Our address

518 E Main St Norristown, Pa 19401
(610) 636-6174

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